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1954 Kaiser Special (Early Series) (K545)
The Kaiser Special was conceived to use up leftover 1953 bodies, the result of yet another overproduction. The 1953 body shell and interior was used with 1954 front sheet metal and tail lights grafted on.  Unfortunately, the new tail light assemblies didn't completely cover the area vacated by the 1953 fender spears so most cars needed to be repainted.  No Kaiser Specials were equipped with superchargers but a few did leave the factory with Monroe power steering.
Total Manufactured: 1910 (4 door), 350 (2 door). Both estimates (low ones, I suspect).
Kaiser Specials, or Early Specials as they've become known, are rare because most folks used them for parts to restore their more valuable Manhattans.
1954 Kaiser Darrin (DKF161)
The 1954 Kaiser Darrin is arguably the most collectible Kaiser product ever produced.  Only 435 of these fibreglass vehicles were built, and about 400 survive today.  Essentially hand built using a heavily modified Henry J chassis, the car was assembled in Jackson, Michigan in the same building used to build convertibles a few years before.  Retailing for $3400 in 1954, they were not big sellers and it's rumored that a few that were left over were sold to Dutch Darrin and refitted at his Santa Monica studio with Cadillac V8 engines.
Total manufactured: 435, plus approximately 7 prototypes.
About the car:  Extremely rare, not easily restored as some spare parts are non-existant.  Sliding doors are unique.  The first 70 cars used an "X" stitch upholstery.  If you take one to a local show, you're guaranteed to be the center of attention!
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