~Circa 1969-1974~

This is a complete list of U.S. Editions of the BAF series.  They are shown here alphabetically  by author (or editor) - mostly.
The list without photos and in chronological order is a little easier to digest.  There were 80 titles in the series (or more, or less, depending on which collector you ask), printed between 1968 and 1974.  Many rare and hard to find works (then and now) were included, some were published for the first and only time in this series, and of course the covers were created by some of the best fantasy artists of the day.

The success of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy is credited in part for spawning the Adult Fantasy Series project at Ballantine.  There is some Tolkien related material in the series proper, but his popular works were a vehicle for promotion of the series, rather than the other way around.  The U.S. Tolkien Guide has much more publishing history;  the books shown below are often associated with but were not included in the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series.