The Photo Gallery - Family

I have yet to get a working scanner and the family photos in the same place at once, but it will happen soon.
On my last trip home I photographed the few photos that were floating around (thus the *brilliant* resolution).
There is SO much more coming to this area...
JAM 1946 JAM 1951 JAM 1951 JAM 1964 JAM 1966
1946 age 5 Age 5 circa 1964 Mom's family
tourist Bill's Taxi
sis shortcake mom and sis sisr boo sister
Sis ...again Mom and sisr w/Damon shortcake ...yep.
The 'rents and me, 1972
skwishmi, JAM and WJM - 1972
parents parents squinting Wedding photo of mom, dad, and great-grandmother Saito Grandpa
My Parents dinner ...squinting ...with G'ma Sato Grandpa
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Aunt and Uncle Cousin Judy Judy, skwishmi, KAM Howard Cousin Lisa skwish & Sixgun
Kid pics.  Lots of 'em.
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